Below is our current list of horses in training. Click on the horse name for Racing Post form.

Angelical2013BayFillyDark AngelLadylishandraLive In Hope Partnership
Anythingwithapulse2015BrownFillyDragon PulseMahattaHalf Past Seven Partnership
Big Amigo2013BayGeldingBahamian BountyGoldamourThe Friday Morning Fourball
Big Lachie2014BayColtCamachoRyan's QuestA F Tait
Binky Blue (IRE)2012BayFillyApprove (IRE)Sabander Bay (USA)B Dunn, C Loughnane & C Austin
Chestnut Fire2012ChestnutGeldingShowcasingMusic In ExileB Dunn
Dragonite2014ChestnutGeldingDragon Pulse (IRE)Glamorous (GER)B Dunn
Dream Magic2014BayGeldingLord Shanakill (USA)Pursuit of PassionMrs C Loughnane
Giennah (IRE)2014BayFillyTamayuzJamaayelFergus Anstock
Goldakoya2015ChesnutFillyCaptain GerrardJust LilleHelen Baines
Golden Sandstorm (IRE)2009ChesnutGeldingGolden Tornado (IRE) Killoughey Fairy (IRER M Brilley
ItmakesyouthinkR M Brilley
Joys Delight2014BayFillyStimulation (IRE)LambadoraS & A Mares & Anja Potze
Little Miss Kodi (IRE)2013BayFillyKodiac Sensasse (IRE)S & A Mares
Lord Murphy2013BayGeldingHoly Roman EmperorTralanza Eclipse Horse Racing
Masquerade Bling (IRE)2014BayFillyApproveMatajiMr Chris Weare
Moxy Mares2015ChesnutColtMotivatorPrimalovaS & A Mares
Mr Bissto2012BayGeldingHigh ChaparralSenta's DreamS & A Mares
Mr Chuckles2013BayGeldingArcano (IRE)Carribean EscapeB Dunn
On A Whim2012BayFillyTamayuzLove Me TenderR M Brilley
Onefootinfront2015BayColtSir PercyAnaya2 Counties Racing Partnership
Padleyourowncanoe2014BayGeldingNayef (USA)Pooka's Daughter (IRE)The Batham Boys
Pensax Boy2012BayGeldingRail LinkCyclone ConnieS & A Mares
Pensax Lady (IRE)2013BayFillyFast Company (IRE)AljafliyahS & A Mares
Pour L'Amour2013BayFillyAqlaamPassion FruitOver The Moon Racing
Rusty Blade2015ChesnutGeldingZebedeeFlashing BladeR M Brilley & A Townsend
Singular Quest2012ChesnutGeldingDalakhaniSinguliereMr D Mead
SitiaB Dunn
Somepink (IRE)2013BayFillyLilbourne Lad (IRE)CloonkearyR M Brilley
St George's Oval2013BayGeldingMilanLisselton LadyB Dunn
The Batham Boy (IRE)2014BayGeldingThewayyouare (USA)Margaux Dancer (IRE)The Batham Boys
Toga Tiger2007BayGeldingAntonius Pius (USA)Minerwa (GER)Jan Mead Kelly Gould
Unnamed2015BayColtBahamian BountyMiss Bondtbc
Unnamed2015Fast CompanyMagical Buperstbc
Unnamed2015FirebreakSpring GoddessMarket Avenue Racing
Unnamed2015ChesnutColtMount NelsonDaring DamselR M Brilley
Unnamed2015BayFillyReliable ManCosta RicaB Dunn
Unnamed2015FillySayifImmortelleMr D Mead
Unnamed2015BayFillyZoffany Special DestinyS & A Mares
Viva Verglas (IRE)2011GreyGeldingVerglas (IRE)Yellow TrumpetMrs C Loughnane